Technological Advances

At Best Care, advances in technology over the past ten years have dramatically improved our efficiency and quality of service.

Recently, we have installed a new system called “iassemble”. This integrates with our current software to improve tagging/tracking procedures, and reduces paper waste.

iassemble uses “bar code tags” which are placed inside garments, instead of stapling/pinning paper tags to each item. These tags should be permanent, and hold a detailed description of your garment, as well as your preferences like (no crease on pant, heavy starch etc.) These bar code tags are only compatible with our dry cleaning software. If scanned elsewhere, they will appear as a number only, no personal information will appear.

This system gives us better control when tracking your items throughout our process. We now have the ability to view exactly when your order is scanned ready for pick up. In an effort to reduce plastic waste, we have installed an automatic bagging machine which allows us to use only the necessary length of plastic.